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Family Pays Memorial Tribute to Essie Mae Washington Williams

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable




Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable


February 4, 2013
for Immediate Release

Earl Ofari Hutchinson                                                                                                       



Press Advisory:


Family Pays Memorial Tribute to Essie Mae Washington Williams


The family of Dr. Essie Mae Washington Williams, educator, civil rights activist, author and daughter of Strom Thurmond, paid a memorial tribute to Mrs. Washington Williams on Monday, February 4. Mrs. Washington Williams passed away Sunday, February 3 in Whiterock, South Carolina.

“On behalf of the Williams family we are deeply saddened by the loss of the matriarch of our family,” says Mrs. Maria Hutchinson, Mrs. Washington William’s first born granddaughter, “We have plans for a dedication to the memory of our mother and grandmother and great-grandmother.”

Mrs. Hutchinson further notes, “Her passing is a great and deep loss for our family. The autobiographical saga of her life and family history touched so many people outside of our family. And for that she will always be remembered.”


“Mrs. Washington-Williams dedication to education, civil rights and her monumental story of growing up in the Jim Crow Deep South was a moving story of triumph, “says Earl Ofari Hutchinson, President, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, “The public revelation that she was the daughter of Strom Thurmond touched off a renewed national discussion on race, gender and identity in America. On a personal note, I am truly honored to have known her and talked with her at our many family gatherings. This deepened my admiration for her.

Mrs. Washington Williams was truly an America treasure.”


Mrs. Washington Williams family thanks all for their prayers and thoughts. She leaves behind 3 children, 13 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren.

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